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Ask the Prof

Oprah called... well, not her personally but someone from her production company.

It was really a guy named Dan and he was calling for Mehmet Oz's new show, (the wizard of health who will soon have his own " Doctor Oz Show").

My heart went through the roof... and then it sank,,,

Dan said he was calling about a show idea on reflexology and sex.

Now both are wonderful, healthy endeavors, BUT...

As a holistic health practitioner and the Reflexology Professor, I've had my share of trying to keep the "sex industry" out of reflexology.

When I first put my videos up onto Youtube, I used the word "foot" as in "foot reflexology" and was almost immediately inundated with emails from hundreds of porn sites.

It was annoying to say the least.

As I talked to Dan, I tried to reframe my thoughts so that I could present reflexology, as he was requesting, as a tool for stimulating the libido.

Now, I do believe that it will work, and I know that with Mehmet Oz, the focus will be on the "family therapy – healthy living" aspect, and I'm all for utilizing the benefits of reflexology for the greater good of all mankind.

However, it's not my area of expertise, and I tried to convince Dan that I could do better by addressing issues such as "infertility and reflexology" because I have many successful 1st hand experiences with supporting clients in this area.

It's just that I'm known for a lot of things, but the Dr. Ruth of reflexology, I am not.

So, sadly I declined. I couldn't believe I was saying no to the one TV show that I would kill to be on.

It was like winning the lottery and losing the ticket in the same day.

I'm sure I could have given a convincing connection because the benefits of reflexology in relaxing and normalizing all body functions are well known. So, I'm sure it would help.

But as of now, no meeting Oz, no career as the reflexology "sexpert".

For now, as always, I remain yours truly, the Reflexology Professor.

Today, I'm talking about the relaxation benefits of reflexology enhanced by yoga.

Read on...

But first, here's an offer you won't want to miss if you're looking to taking your practice to the next level in New York City.

Reflexology office space to rent on a daily basis – Tuesdays, Wednesdays (days & evenings) and Thursdays (until 6pm) and some weekends too. Everything is set up you to start practicing, so you just bring your linens and your clients.

It's in beautiful midtown Manhattan with natural light. For more information, send an email:

Don't forget to send this free newsletter to friends and classmates and tell them to sign up for it (I can't do it for you) or send them to the website or the new blog

Live Long, Reflex and Prosper,

Wendy Coad

upcoming classes

The Next Foot Reflexology Certificate Training
Program – begins on September 26!

This is the next of my 2009 Professional Certification Program in Foot Reflexology that I teach every year in New York City.

Reflexology is one of the most practical, efficient and effective holistic health practices of today. It's easy to learn and its stress-relieving techniques are enjoyed around the world. , Reflexology promotes relaxation, may aid circulation and assist muscular and nerve function by supporting the body's own healing process. Join us to learn these popular health techniques based primarily on the system developed by American osteopathic physician William Fitzgerald.

Special features of this program:

  • Hands-on experience

  • Students give and receive a session every day

  • A wealth of information shared through daily lectures, Q&A, demonstrations, handouts and visuals to enhance learning

  • Alternative Careers for those exploring full, part-time or volunteer work in the holistic healing arts, even with no prior bodywork experience

  • Career Expansion for Healthcare professionals, nurses, spa and salon specialists, massage therapists, body workers, chiropractors, acupuncturists, yoga instructors, therapists, counselors, spiritual healers and caretakers

INTRODUCTION TO FOOT REFLEXOLOGY – this is the first 2 days of a 6 – 9 month, 200 hour PROFESSIONAL REFLEXOLOGY TRAINING PROGRAM which can be taken separately.

Learn how to help yourself and others with the soothing relaxation techniques and healing wisdom that is the core of all Reflexology practice.

A TWO-Day Intro to Foot Reflexology Workshop
Saturday & Sunday, September 26th & 27th

No Prerequisites
For further information or to enroll, please call 212.219.2527 ext 2.

Note: Program Tuition does not include books, material fees, private tutorials or sessions received. Please bring a towel and sheet to each class.

Wendy Coad, MFA, RPP, LMT, ARCB Certified, is a former Director of the American Reflexology Certification Board. She has been an educator for over 25 years and teaches Master classes in Reflexology and Bodywork. She has a private practice in NYC and Miami.

feature article


Well here's a match made in heaven.

We're all familiar with the benefits reflexology, so imagine what will happen if you add yoga. Yoga is the traditional physical and mental exercise discipline that originated in India.

Reflexology and YogaIn the present time, more and more people, especially in the US (and you'll see it just about everywhere, around the world), are resorting to Yoga to find a solution for chronic health problems as well as a practice in attaining peace of mind. And those who don't practice it already are curious about knowing what exactly Yoga is and what's included in it.

Although many of us are well aware of the health benefits of the physical activity, not everyone knows about the origin and exact definition of Yoga.

It's a popular belief that Yoga merely includes stretching and warm up exercises. Of course, yoga involves stretching, but includes many other things beyond that. Yoga’s aim is to unite the mind, the body, and the spirit.

Branches of Yoga

The major branches of yoga in Hindu philosophy include Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, and Hatha Yoga. There are many more that you commonly see including Iyengar, Kripalu, etc.

The Goal of Yoga

The goal of yoga may range from improving health to achieving Moksha (within Jainism and the monist schools of Advaita Vedanta and Shaivism the goal of yoga takes the form of Moksha), which is liberation from all worldly suffering and the cycle of birth and death (Samsara), at which point there is a realization of identity with the Supreme Being.

I've always thought of yoga as an exceptional health practice – after all, it’s our responsibility to take care of our own health and well being. Yoga is not a religion but rather it encourages a state of being present that is based on awareness of your body and mind in order to fully experience your wonderful (and wondrous) existence here on earth.

Benefits of Yoga

The most important benefit of yoga is physical and mental therapy. The aging process, which some think is largely an artificial condition, caused mainly by autointoxication or self-poisoning, can be slowed down by practicing yoga. By keeping the body clean, flexible and well lubricated, we can significantly reduce the catabolic process of cell deterioration. To get the maximum benefits of yoga one would do well to combine the practices of yogasanas (exercise), pranayama (breathing exercise) and meditation.

Yoga is not only a great form of activity but it also massages all the internal glands and organs of the body. Tai Chi can also offers these benefits, but it is a different exercise and philosophy altogether.

Yoga acts in a wholesome manner on all of the various body parts. It is thought to help in the flushing out of toxins from every nook and cranny which in turn may help to facilitate nourishment up to the last cell.

The benefits - delayed ageing, increasing energy and offering a remarkable zest for life (see list below)!

Therapeutic uses of yoga

Yoga is highly therapeutic. Some of the ailments proven to be relieved, reversed and even healed through the practice of Yoga are acidity, allergies, Alzheimer’s disease, anemia, anger, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, back pain, bronchitis, cancer, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic fatigue, colitis, common cold, constipation.

Some of the benefits of yoga are:

  • Dexterity skills improve
  • Reaction time improves
  • Posture improves
  • Strength and resiliency increase
  • Endurance increases
  • Energy level increases
  • Weight normalizes
  • Sleep improves
  • Immunity increases
  • Pain decreases
  • Steadiness improves
  • Depth perception improves
  • Balance improves
  • Integrated functioning of body parts improves

How can reflexology help?

continue reading the rest on our blog

professor recommends

Even if you already know reflexology (or, you'd like to learn more), you'll love the Reflexology Professor's "all-in-one Foot Factor Program" designed just for you.

It's a goldmine of information, techniques and visuals so you can resource the most important techniques – and learn a few new ones.

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It took a lot of work and almost 20 years of experience to get all the information I've put into my Foot Factor Program. And you know what people are saying? It's too good. That's not all, they're also telling me that I'm giving too much information. But, I want you to have it all.

Now, my years of knowledge has been compiled into a comprehensive training that’s perfect for:

  • Reflexologists who want to deepen their knowledge,
  • Anyone interested in beginning a career in Holistic Health,
  • Reflexology students who need a great review of their course materials,
  • Having everything in one place,
  • Reviewing things you might have forgotten,
  • Being able to view, over and over, all the techniques on DVD
  • Having audio CD’s of in class lectures
  • Nurses, Podiatrists, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapist, Physical or Occupational Therapists, Estheticians, Nutritionists, Bodyworkers and more...

About Wendy Coad

Wendy Coad

Wendy Coad, the "Reflexology Professor" helps reflexologists and aspiring reflexologists learn dynamic skills that attract clients and increase sales.

If you liked what you read today and want to learn more or refresh your skills, you'll love Wendy's

The Reflexology Professor has been sharing holistic health and "Reflexology News, Tips and Techniques" in classes, tainings and a weekly email newsletter to students and subscribers from around the world.

You can learn more about Wendy and her programs at

marketplace and helpful hints

More Support & Helpful Hints

This just came in my mailbox.

Hi Wendy,

I am seeing this client who has a situation with numbing in the toes. I emphasized on the regions for circulation, lymph, and the toes.
I was wondering, if you have any suggestions for this issue?



Hi Lynn,

I love these questions because they give me an opportunity to do 2 things.

One is to remind people to check with a doctor. That's because there are a lot of different causes for numbing - diabetes, nerve damage, HIV/Aids, arthritis, etc...You get the picture.

Because I'm not a doctor, I must always advise this first.
And the other opportunity is to give my opinion.

Having dealt with the first issue, here's what I do know - that numbness always involves a nerve.

So this is a checklist that I often use and that you might find helpful:
Does my client know the cause?

Yes – then add that area as a detail, i.e spine, sacrum, etc.

No – monitor if what I’m currently doing (my best guess) is helping.

In monitoring my current protocol is there improvement for the client?

Yes – keep going

No change – time to look at some other reflexes or other possibilities

Worsening – time to refer back to an MD or DC, etc…

My office is in a century old building in New York City. It has the big oak and glass office doors that beg a sign in gold letters.

I’d like mine to read: "Wendy Coad, Reflexology Detective".

I see my work in reflexology as endlessly fascinating because I’m always trying to find better ways to support my clients health.

And I see you are too - keep up the great detective work!


Wendy Coad

Don't forget "World Reflexology Week" - This year it will be from September 20th through September 26th, 2009

In celebration of this wonderful event, a group in New York City are looking for 10-12 more volunteers are needed for an event at the Ronald McDonald House at 405 East 73rd street in upper Manhattan. They’ll be offering to the parents, caregivers, staff and children Reflexology sessions. It is a wonderful opportunity to provide relaxation and a space for healing to the attendees and others at the RMH house, as well as educate everyone on the benefits of Reflexology.

The event is from 1-4pm on Sunday, Sept. 27, 2009

If you can volunteer please contact the New York State Reflexology Association

Once that they know that you are volunteering they can give you more details.

Happy Feet,

What will you do for "World Reflexology Week"?

- give a talk
- donate a session
- co-ordinate an event to bring reflexology awareness to your community, city, state
- volunteer at a clinic or hospice or hospital (check with the Director of Nursing to see if it's possible)
Write me and tell me what you’re doing and I'll share it here.

Have a question or comment? Send it in to "Ask the Professor" –

I hope you've enjoyed your reflexology news. Please tell a friend to sign up so we can share the best with the rest.

Wendy Coad

Wendy Coad
The Reflexology Professor

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August 28th, 2009
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